Wasn’t I just telling you about how innovative and exciting travelling has become these days? We have hotel rooms built inside caves, and made to defy the laws of physics and sorts of intriguing luxurious offerings. Another fun way to enjoy a break is to get the best of two worlds – the sky and earth. Luxury safari lodge in Botswana, Belmond Eagle Island Lodge, is allowing guests the chance to explore the Okavango Delta, a UNESCO world heritage site, in horse-back and by air. The day trip will begin at dawn with a helicopter safari offering “uninterrupted aerial views across the delta”. This will be followed by horse-back safari, through the bush, palm-lined islands, grassy flood plains, mopane forests and clear streams.

Guides will be at hand, and safety will obviously be top-notch. This is a good way to converse with the nature, albeit in the company of people who will have a hawk eye’s view of the surrounding for lurking wild beasts. In case you would like to know, the horses are all full or part thoroughbreds including, Botswana Warm bloods, Pure Arab, Anglo Arab to Fresian Crosses. Winter break maybe?

Link to the Safari Resort