Cruise lovers are aware of the exclusive and almost dream like ‘Symphony of the Seas’, a voyage that promises you a luxury adventure like no other. The talked about cruise line is Royal Caribbean’s most expensive cruise ship to date and as assured, it is a seven-star haven that is ready to take on the waters in style. However, the part of the ship that is most fanciful is its ultra-luxe Family suite – a luxury abode for guests who like it pretty and precious!

Known to be Symphony’s most expensive suite, ‘The Ultimate Family Suite’ as it is called, lays out a superlative experience for the few who can afford it. Much as expected, it is spread across two levels of the ship and covers a gigantic 1,346 square feet of the ship’s area. Inside the suite, one is welcomed with an eclectic and warm décor, with predominant hues of red, orange, yellow and blues. In-room facilities include, a ping-pong table, an air hockey table, a slide to get from the top floor to the bottom as well as a full-size whirlpool hot tub on the balcony for a leisurely dip on a sunny day!

For a livelier feel, the luxury suite also comes with a Lego Wall, a 3-D movie room and a popcorn machine (read entertainment unlimited!). Those lazy to get it going on their own can also avail the services of a personal butler who is available round the clock. The Ultimate Family Suite can accommodate eight people at max for prices starting at $50,000. So, if you’ve got the money, hop on the Symphony with your folks and cruise along in style!

Text: Gigi Morelli