Argan Oil products and especially pure Argan Oil are emerging as THE “in” products in the cosmetic and beauty world. As there are countless products on the market it has become apparent that tests should be performed to verify what exactly is being sold. These we have carried out and the results have been really shocking!

Argan tree

Intensive research and tests have been carried out by us to verify the differences between Argan Oils being currently sold on the market.

In testing, it became surprisingly obvious that Argan Oil is being sold in very high percentages of mixtures (up to 80% Sunflower Oil or Corn Oil), which only very sophisticated laboratory analyses can prove.  Furthermore, even oils bought directly in Morocco have found to have varying cheap oils and this has been not only eye opening but shocking.

Argan nuts in shell

It is very difficult for consumers to filter real Argan Oil from mixtures, but the difference becomes evident when you try a Pure Argan Oil.

The Oil from Moroccangold, Josie Maran and AlQima has been taken direct from their factory’s.  We also purchased there oils presently on the UK market to double check the quality – still the same as promised!

A major problem has been that manufacturers do not sell direct on the market and they buy their oil from different small suppliers, therefore it has been impossible for us to verify who is actually mixing the oil.

The general result has been astonishing and has proved once again that profit is the main motivator for resellers.  The issue that needs to be addressed is that the consumer needs to be aware what is a pure product and fair to buy.

Products sold at cheaper prices are almost always mixed and diluted with cheap oils to improve the margins.

Finally, we can say that Oils sold at prices below GBP 20.00 (Euro 16,50) 100ml cannot be pure. A kg of organic Argan nuts are purchased at 85 MHD (7.00 GBP / Euro 5,75) and to make 1 Liter of pure Argan Oil 2.2 – 2.4 kg are needed. In Morocco pure Argan Oil is sold for 80.00 – 120.00 GBP (Euro 65,00 – 100,00) and so it is not possible to sell the oil cheaper to consumers in Europe as it is sold direct from factories (cooperatives) in Morocco. 1 Litre of Sunflower or Corn oil costs 1.00 GBP (Euro 1,20).

After months of testing and research on the actual skin and in special laboratories, we now have a much clearer picture and outcome that there is only a few products which satisfied all the results.

The Josie Maran Argan Oil is an high quality pure Argan Oil and 15ml are sold for 65.00 GBP (Euro 70,00).

The MoroccanGold Ozinised Argan Oil is a pure Argan Oil and is also unique because it has added Ozone (O3) 250ppm (parts per million) to disinfect the skin. The Ozone is not very present but can be realized on the skin. Ozone has a very effective quality and has brought big advancements also in Olive Oil, in the cosmetics world and medical field.

The MoroccanGold Oil is sold in 50 and 100ml bottles with pipette dropper at 22.00 and 34.00 GPB and comes highly recommended. The AlQima with a much higher Ozone concentration 1.500ppm at 39.00 GBP 50ml.

Consumers can verify the quality based on the colour. The darker the oil, the better the quality is. This is just a rough indicator which can be used to check the quality and pureness.

More information about our testing can be requested. Please feel free and contact us.