At last year’s Concours Mondial du Sauvignon Blanc in Bordeaux, French eyes where rolled and heads turned away with envy as Walter Skoff, an outstanding winemaker from Austria tore away from under their aristrocratic noses the highest award, the „Denis Dubourdieu Trophy“, for his Kranachberg Sauvignon Blanc 2015.  The French can no longer lay claim to having the best Sauvignon wines because as Walter Skoff or ”Mr. Sauvignon Blanc“ as he is famously known, uncorked the world’s premier Sauvignon Blanc he demonstrated not only to France but to the rest of the world, his expertise in outstanding wines by coming first out of more than 800 international submissions.  What more proof do the French want?

Mr. Skoff at work

The family run business is now in its 5thgeneration and the key to its ongoing success in Gamlitz over the many years is down to the fact that the wealth of winemaking experience is being passed down from generation to generation, and constantly being developed.SKOFF Original was founded in 2011 and the range of wines nurtured are typically Styrian, with Welschriesling (Italian Riesling), Gelber Muskateller, Weißburgunder, Grauburgunder and Morillon (Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay respectively), as well as the native red varietal Zweigelt.  A sparkling Brut and nobile sweet dessert wines also flow from its vineyards. Demands for wines made by Walter Skoff’s team stretches internationally, and way beyond the boundaries of Austria.

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All these exquisite wines and also his flagship wine, the premium “Royal Sauvignon Blanc“ may be sipped first hand on the terrace of the “Buschenschank“ on the Walter Skoff Wine Estate  which stands majestically on the “Sudsteirischen” wine route, offering breathtaking views over the surrounding countryside. And if you find it hard to leave, then there are six comfortable guest rooms upstairs, with equally magnificent vineyard views.

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