Royal China DIFC Dim Sum Brunch

Royal China Dubai the city’s award-winning Chinese restaurant located in the heart of the DIFC, has delighted us with its renewed, mouth-watering Dim Sum Brunch that now features even more delicious items.

At The Luxe Diary, a little Asian travel is a one of our special luxuries with many precious family moments spent in South East Asian capitals tucking into delicious dim sum washed down with jasmine tea. And our recent visit to Royal China Dubai was no exception to our experiences – only we were able to experience it right here in the heart of Dubai, in the DIFC, casually over the weekend.

We love Royal China’s chintzy traditional Chinese inspired interior design with its tasteful modern twists. The deep red velvet upholstery and dark wood dividers create a balanced atmosphere. The sound of pleasant weekend beats echo gently around the room. There are a few families with well behaved young children as well as groups of friends enjoying this version of a great weekend tradition. The atmosphere is both sophisticated and relaxed.

The extensive selection of fried, steamed, vegetarian or gluten free dumplings, offers the perfect balance between a light breakfast and hearty lunch. Each piece is delicately prepared with the freshest of ingredients to yield full-hearted flavours that promise to tantalize patrons’ taste buds.

Particular favourites include the prawn and chive dumplings – super tangy and authentic and so good we had to reorder these twice. The fried minced squid balls were also a favourite and a Royal China signature dish. The Vietnamese spring rolls were note worthy, fresh and crispy. The pan fried gyozas were also a hit and we went as far as to try the chicken feet – the sauce was delicious. Traditional scallop and shrimp dumplings were ordered and reordered as was the prawn cheung fun.

Desserts that we enjoyed included the chilled tapioca in coconut soup and the black sesame dumplings in peanut crumbs – and last but not least the steamed egg custard buns featured below.

Having established itself at the forefront of Dubai’s brunch scene, the Dim Sum Brunch is a relaxed and refreshing alternative to the regular buffet offering for guests to experience the finest and most authentic Dim Sum in the UAE. Whether with family or friends, Royal China is the perfect venue for an immersive Cantonese gourmet experience in the heart of the vibrant DIFC.

The Royal China Dubai Dim Sum Brunch is, by our account, a fantastic way to spend a Friday or a Saturday lunch time.

The Details.

Fridays & Saturdays 12.00-15.30

Unlimited Dim sum with Chinese tea: AED 188 per person
Unlimited Dim sum with House Beer and House wine: AED 388 per person
Unlimited Dim sum with Champagne and selected Alcoholic beverages: 488 AED per person

*A La Carte menu is also available

Reservations & Information.

For information and reservations call 04 3545543 or visit Royal China Dubai is situated at 4L2-001 The Balcony, Precinct Building 4, D.I.F.C., Dubai, UAE

Text & Fotos & Interview:

Exclusive Interview with Patrice Marchand ‘Maitre Affineur’

The Luxxury had the immense pleasure of taking part in the second edition of the Frères Marchand mature cheese tasting evening at La Serre. To read this interview in French click here.

But that’s not all – we were also lucky enough to meet Patrice Marchand, Maitre Affineur de France (Master Cheesemaker and Ripener), holder of the world record for the largest cheese platter, one of the three celebrated Marchand brothers, from one the oldest families of French cheesemakers.  We spoke of his passion, his ambitions, his travels and of things he holds dear.

This unprecedented article, is a discussion with a cheese specialist, not only for aficionados, but for anyone who simply wants to know more about the tradition of cheese ripening and maturing.

Our first question was naturally directed to the Frères Marchand business, its history and that of the family.  Is it true to say that your family transmitted this passion for food, for cheese?

We followed in the family footsteps, a family of Master Cheesemakers and Ripeners. We are the oldest general cheese makers and ripeners in France. The restaurant business came after. The training to become a Maitre Affineur is very long – 40 years, 20 years to train the palate for tasting and 20 years to go further into detail, learning how to make the cheese and then how to ripen it. An Affineur is considered a producer in France, as he/she changes the cheese, transforms it, taking the pure product and changing the taste and the colour. In our cellars we have 450 different sorts of cheese the whole year round.  We work with 200 small producers and we take for the most part 70% to 80% of their production to be sure that cheeses in our cellars will be exactly as we want them.

And what about you ?

I left to study at the Ecole Hotelière (Hotel School) in Lausanne, followed by 12 years working abroad.  I trained in Switzerland but I also worked in Germany, England, the United States and Luxemburg. My last job was catering for the European Parliament in Luxemburg.

How did the Frères Marchand business begin?

Twenty years ago my brothers told me they wanted to buy our father’s company, and asked me to join them, giving me half an hour to decide. I came to a decision within a few minutes and decided to stay with my brothers.  From then on, we opened some restaurants, mainly specialising in cheese. We decided to change the name from Maison Marchand and became Frères Marchand.

Your career is your passion?

Yes, of course, especially as it demands a huge personal investment. It occupies me seven days a week, from 5 am to 1am.  I say “occupies” because I don’t have the impression that it is work. I am only passing on what my parents taught me, the history of my family and the value of small producers.

And what are these values, this education that you mention? Can you tell me more?

When I arrived in Dubai four years ago, we were in a market which only knew about and consumed industrial pasteurised cheese. When I went around with Alexandra, our Ambassador here in Dubai, when I talked to chefs, the most frequently asked question was “why is the Brie that I buy much cheaper than yours?”  Here we are talking about four years of education to understand that they are two completely different products, one industrial and one from a small producer – a product matured and ripened in our cellars and a product from a factory without the unique quality of our products.  And even when the chef knew the product well, the problem was with the customers who were not going to understand and appreciate that difference.

And what is this difference exactly?

A pasteurised cheese is a cheese from milk that is “dead”. On the other hand, raw milk is living, it breathes, and transforms into a cheese which itself then continues to transform. We are a niche luxury product, and whatever happens, I will never sell as much as an industrial cheesemaker, I don’t produce enough. It is important for me to defend the small producers we work with. Without the producers I have no cheese and without cheese I wouldn’t be here.

Tell me about these producers

The small producers are the most important. And we have always made sure that we have the best possible relationship with them, in order to always have the best products.  For example, in July 2016, we asked 200 produce with whom we work to raise their prices by 10% to give them a living wage, as we had lost five of them over the previous six months. We also invested in equipment for some of the producers. It’s tough work, every day, morning to night, with no holidays. I remember a young couple of Reblochon producers who took over their parents’ production, and who, in April, had to go up to an altitude of 2,500 metres, with the whole production unit, in order to make the cheese in situ, and cut the grass on all the surrounding mountains, so that the cows could eat the same quality of grass in winter. And, at the Abu Dhabi Gourmet Show, the Chef at Emirates Palace came to see us. He is passionate about cheese.  He said that his favourite cheese was Reblochon. It was January, the wrong season.  By chance I had a piece left. I let him taste it. He closed his eyes and said “this is the best Reblochon I’ve ever eaten.” The next morning, I called the producers to tell them, and they were over the moon. It’s all a question of emotion.

And what about Dubai? Tell me more, why did you decide to come here?

My brothers and I decided, in terms of developing our export market, to set are sites on particular cities. We can’t supply the whole world. Our focus is on education, explanations, exactly the same as at La Serre tomorrow evening (22nd September 2017). This is new for Dubai. Three years ago, my brothers and I started The Gourmet Cheese Club by Les Frères Marchand.

We set up the club in each of the cities in which we were based: Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Berlin, Paris, Nancy, and the Gourmet Cheese Club in Dubaï will be in La Serre. But I have never wanted to set up our club in a city or place unless people are truly passionate

Why Dubai? By chance, Alexandra was here in Dubai. I have known her personally for many years.  I really wanted someone to relay my knowledge and education. And my cousin worked for the Lorraine Region Chamber of Commerce here in Dubai. She organised a business trip and I took part.

It was then that I realised there was real potential. So we began to put something into place.  Over the last four years, I have come here between five and seven times a year. Success abroad of a company like ours will rely on businesses such as La Serre, which will truly promote a good, real product.  It’s a company of true worth, with the same values as those of my own business, in terms of the products purchased by La Serre.

You hold the World Record for the largest cheese platter. Can you tell me about this adventure?

Actually we are in the book of Guinness World Records 2018. It all started with my brother Philippe’s mad idea.  My father had already beaten the French record for the largest cheese platter.  Philippe came to see me last year and said “We are going for the world record”. He suggested making the largest cheese platter in the world.  The record was held by a French person, with 330 different cheeses. Easy, we had 450. Then we realised straight away that although we had 450 types of cheese, they were seasonal. Consequently, we couldn’t have them all at the same time.

So we called Guinness, to say that we wanted to beat the record, and they replied that the new record was 489 cheeses, held by the Chinese. We had already decided to take up the challenge, but not just that. We had also decided to use 95% of cheeses from small producers, made from raw milk. It was a real challenge in terms of quality and not just quantity. (Video on Youtube and pictures on the site, photos of platter and presentation of cheeses by employees!). Our idea was also to present whole cheeses, which were not pre-cut, so that people could understand what a cheese really was. That is all part of the education. We are so used to seeing cheeses in blister packs in the supermarket, already sliced. You can’t see the colour, the size… For the public presentation of the platter, we hoped to get 2000 people.  We had 30000.

I saw my father with tears in his eyes for three days. He was at the exit and everyone shook his hand to thank him. “I never imagined there could be so much emotion linked to cheese”, my father said to me.  He had never seen stars in the eyes of people across the world that I had seen during my many trips.  It lasted three days and there was a queue of between fifty and one hundred and fifty metres long. We wanted it to be free, to be truly educational. We gave over half the platter to the food bank.  We wanted to share what we were presenting to people who did not have the possibility of purchasing our cheeses, as they are luxury products. This led to over 500 articles and worldwide coverage.

And what about the platter itself?

We had over 500 producers with us for this world record, from all over the world, from Thailand, Japan, Australia… We presented 730 different types of cheese. There were 2124 pieces on the platter. This was the equivalent of five tonnes of cheese, a fifty metre long tent, a semi-trailer pulsing air at a temperature of -25°C, in order to have a constant ambient temperature of 6-8°C under the tent, when the temperature was actually 28°C. Just after, I went on tour for three months, presenting it from Dubai to Tokyo.  My first stop was Dubai.  The first Chef was Stéphane Cocu to whom I gave special cheese platter cut from the record exhibit.  We were mutually honoured to meet each other. La Serre and Stéphane Cocu made me want to work here, as I explained earlier, as I immediately recognised people truly passionate about cheese.

What can you tell me about the evening tasting you are organising tomorrow?

Tomorrow will be a different kind of culinary experience. When you got to a restaurant, you eat a main course in which there are five flavours at most.  Over and above five, it’s too much, and they get mixed up. Tomorrow evening there will be forty flavours, forty different tastes, which is why this experience will be so interesting. There is an order for tasting: beginning with goat cheese, followed by those cheeses with mould rinds (Camemberts, Bries), then come mountain cheeses, hard cheeses, character cheeses (Mûnster), ending with blue cheese. If you were to start with blue cheese the tasting would be totally impossible. This is the way we educate, something I will explain tomorrow. You must move slowly and gently, in order, without rushing. Wax covered blue sheep cheese, Roquefort to begin with, taken from the cellars when it is white, soaked in a bath of cold wax, and then matured for six months in our cellars, without oxygen in the dark. A Roquefort much more creamy and less salty than traditional Roquefort, as all the humidity stays inside, ending with a Roquefort but more gentle.

So what would be your final word?

Cheese is human contact, encounters with people, the producers that I respect and at the other end of the chain, there needs to be people who share my vision. The most important thing for me is that tomorrow you will come and taste the cheeses, and I will tell you forty more stories in front of the cheeses (laughter).

Interview by Gigi Morelli

Peyote DIFC a luxxrs visit

Our mission is to filter for you the best, most luxurious (and delicious!) culinary, fashion and cultural experiences taking place across the city. We aim to bring you the best that Dubai can offer.

We are often asked how we achieve this, what standards do we apply. The answer is simple: our team of specially selected writers and reviewers all have one thing in common: a love for quality, taste, beauty and aesthetics. This is where Peyote DIFC comes in.

Peyote – The Review

Dubai, the culinary haven that we are lucky to call home, has seen a genuine emergence of a new generation of restaurants offering a modern take on traditional and, sometimes, indigenous cuisines. Peyote, launched earlier this year, is definitely a contender for one of the finest, most original, delicious and aesthetically pleasing newcomers in this category. Acclaimed chef Eduardo Garcia (of the Maximo Bistrot in Mexico City – voted in the top 50 best restaurants in Latin America) balances the contemporary and the classic at Peyote, which boasts elegant dishes based on the sharing concept around main themes which include: ensaladascrudoceviche, tacos and fresh meat and seafood.

On approach to Peyote, as we meander through the Gate Village in the DIFC, we are taken by the simple beauty of the ‘peyote‘ flower which adorns the outside wall of the restaurant.

The ‘peyote‘ is a type of cactus native to the Chihuahua desert – noted on the one hand for its medicinal and hallucinogenic qualities but also for its gorgeous, delicate, pale pink, circular and many petaled flower – which the maison Peyote has so beautifully and stylishly adopted.

As we enter, we note the carefully chosen yet simple decor of natural birch wood. The notes of colour are provided by the strategically placed pale turquoize ceramic pineapples on the proportionate open spaced shelves. Right on trend, these ‘objets‘ subtly direct the colour spectrum: cornflower blue, peyote flower pink and lavender pastel that occur tastefully in the surroundings and in the tableware. Notes of copper work in tandem with the natural hues and the marble bar is elegant and inviting.

Upon arrival, we are delighted by the chili and passion fruit margarita – a must-have signature cocktail from Peyote in London. It is spicy, delicate and makes for a perfect start to the evening.


We start with the guacamole which is tasty and zesty, and set out to try the fried baby squid with jalapeno mayonnaise and lime. Huge fans of deep fried squid and very taken by Zuma‘s version of the similar dish, at The Luxe Diary, we are harsh critics. But Peyote’s definitely stands the test with the tangy and delicate flavours of its signature batter. Delightfully crisp and flavoursome, it is a great result.

We move on to the tacos. Here again, we are pleasantly surprised to discover Peyote‘s declension of this traditional Mexican speciality. The Tacos de res (braised beef short ribs, salsa verde and cilantro cress), on their delicate lavender coloured soft corn taco bases are the most moreish combination of buttery sticky beef contrasted beautifully with the sharp salsa verde. We also try the Tacos de tempura de gambas, tiger prawn tempura with chipotle mayonnaise and lime – equally delicious.

From the ceviche family, our favourite was the Laminado de hamachi – razor thin slices of hamachi delicately layered with a unique type of Mexican truffle. A close second: the stunning Ceviche blanco with cilantro oil and coconut aguachile.

A perfect side to the tacos and ceviche was the Esquites, sweetcorn with homemade mayonnaise and queso fresco. A surprisingly delicious side – with its ingredients showcased perfectly and let to shine.


The desserts are another world of culinary discovery. We opt for the Oaxaca Chocolate – warm chocolate chipotle mousse and raspberry sorbet. It is an interesting combination: not too sweet, with an earthy, rich and very genuine cocoa flavour, contrasted with a sharp and fruity rapsberry sorbet –  a triumph.

We also enjoyed Peyote’s take on a traditional dessert, Tres Leches. A vanilla soaked sponge cake with raspberry jam and burnt milk ice-cream, this dessert is the definition of comfort food with an expert twist. The berries add freshness to this warm, milky and vanilla-sweet bowl of deliciousness.


The service at Peyote is excellent. The staff are attentive and appear to genuinely enjoy hosting their guests.

Contact: +971-4-521-6300 |
Location: Gate Village No, 2 | DIFC, Dubai

Art Jameel and the V&A Museum Announce Artists Shortlisted for Jameel Prize 5

The Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A), in partnership with Art Jameel, has announced the shortlist for the Jameel Prize 5, the international prize for contemporary artists and designers.

Eight finalists have been shortlisted for the £25,000 (AED 128,000) prize, inspired by Islamic tradition, which is awarded every two years. They are: Kamrooz Aram, Hayv Kahraman, Hala Kaiksow, Mehdi Moutashar, naqsh collective, Younes Rahmoun, Wardha Shabbir and Marina Tabassum.

The winner will be announced on 27 June 2018, at the V&A, London.

The fifth edition of the Jameel Prize will debut at the V&A, London, where the winner will be announced on 27 June 2018. The accompanying exhibition, showcasing the work of the eight shortlisted artists and designers, will run from 28 June until 25 November 2018. The exhibition will then tour to museums globally, including to the Jameel Arts Centre, in Dubai, in 2019.

The shortlist is diverse and for the first time features an architect. Other practices represented in the shortlist include painting andfashion design, while sources of inspiration range from embroidered shawls to Arabic calligraphy. Multi-media installations evoke the symbolism of light and challenge Western approaches to art history. This great variety reflects the richness of Islamic tradition as a source for contemporary creativity, highlighting the influence of our shared cultural past on contemporary artistic views of the world.

The panel of judges, chaired by V&A Director, Tristram Hunt, selected the shortlist. He said: “The Jameel Prize  continues to gain momentum. This – the fifth edition of the Prize – has attracted nearly 400 nominations from around the world, and for the first time, the shortlist features work from Bangladesh, Bahrain and Jordan. This year’s outstanding shortlist displays real diversity; the judges found beauty, spirituality, complexity, humour and

The V&A is delighted to continue its partnership with Art Jameel in recognition of the extraordinary contemporary artists and designers inspired by Islamic tradition.”

One of the judges, Salah Hassan, Professor and Director, Institute for Comparative Modernities at Cornell University, New York, and a regular contributor to Sharjah Art Foundation’s exhibition programme, commented: “The shortlisted artists for Jameel Prize 5 represent an array of amazing talents, who are engaged in diverse practices in art and design, that are conceptually-oriented and in sync with latest discourse of contemporary art, yet rooted in discrete ways to their own cultures and multiple identities. Jameel Prize 5 expands our horizons of what modernity and contemporaneity truly mean, and enriches our understanding of a truly globalised art world beyond its current confines.”

The judging panel also includes the independent design historian Tanya Harrod; November Paynter, who is Director of Programs at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Toronto; and the artist Ghulam Mohammad, who was the winner of Jameel Prize 4.

Italian Taste and Lifestyle Redefined through Bags & Accessories by Officine 904


Looking for something unique and ingenious from an Italian fashion house? Then Officine 904 is for you. Officine 904 is a modern style laboratory with a deep interest in promoting and solidifying a completely seamless mix between art, fashion, design, and architecture as only the Italians know how. This perfect blend has not only given rise to new ideas, visions, projects, and products but it has also gone a long way in portraying the rich history and experiences of the Italian lifestyle and taste in general.

Having been created in 2010 by Paolo Porcu Rodriguez and Silvia Pavanello, the young brand has carved a unique niche for itself in the fashion industry by holding a genuine “trade-mark” for introducing a continuous and unlimited balance between interior design and fashion. Apart from relentlessly pursuing an architect philosophy, “Less Is More” the Officine 904 brand has continuously showcased high-quality craftsmanship in their products. Right from its first project – the MARKET BAG, Officine 904 has maintained its stance in exploiting timeless and clean designs, using durable materials to achieve brilliant end products.

Officine 904
The Market Bag

Officine 904 have their beginnings deep-rooted in the Tuscany countryside, where skilled craft artisans are known to evolve from. Officine 904 bags and accessories are made by these craftsmen and all raw materials, especially the leathers, are acquired from such Italian locations as Tuscany and Veneto, where the culture of tanning and leather processing has very important and ancient historical roots.

It is safe to say “uniqueness” is in the DNA of Officine 904. This is shown through a rich identity concept, creation, and packaging of durable and trendy bags for diverse uses. Officine 904 designs are inspired by the day to day lives of their customers, and they are committed to making bags and accessories that can be used every day and that last a lifetime.

Might be interesting for you as well.

When next you visit Italy, either for business or pleasure, check out Officine 904 in two of the most important Italian cities, Pienza and Venezia. You will be glad you did.

Got impressed? Please visit for further info the company website

Visit & Review:

Would You Pay $250,000,000 To Be Here Right Now?

The 3.580m2 (38,500sqft) Bel-Air mansion is listed as the most expensive property in the U.S. With 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, and three kitchens standing at an epic 4 stories tall. Take a look for yourselves!

Who created this monster of an estate you might ask? Real estate developer Bruce Makowsky (of BAM Luxury Group). Makowsky largely builds properties for billionaire buyers, this particular property was built with no one in mind. This is the ultimate oasis! Equipt with a bowling alley, heliport, candy room and two wine cellars.

The Bowling Alley

The 4K Dolby Atmos Theater.

The 40-seat entertainment room with a 30-foot TV is the most advanced home theater in the country; and the game room may as well be the “glass room”—with glass ping-pong and Foosball tables, a $12,000 glass pool table, and glass candy dispensers. It is positively epic!

What house is complete without a candy room?

As you can see Makowsky kept recreation in mind while designing, just one of the two wine cellars on the property.

Just one of the wine cellars

Even though the home boasts these wine cellars that are stocked with the world’s finest Champagne, the 85-foot-long infinity pool outside also includes a swim-up bar and outdoor theater.

The house is built for entertaining, with this 18ft tv rising over the pool.

Oh wait, there is more!

If all these dazzling qualities weren’t enough the house also comes with 12 of the most exotic vehicles. The collection, worth $30 million, contains a one-of-a-kind Pagani Huayra, the legendary “Von Krieger” 1936 Mercedes 540 K Special Roadster (valued at more than $15 million); and 10 of the rarest, fastest motorcycles ever created.

The vehicle collection.

Where else would these rare and classic vehicles be, other than right next to the auto-lounge! With a well-stocked bar and a wide-screen tv, projecting ocean “views. To really incorporate the superyacht decor and feel throughout the home.

And when you are so exhausted from walking around your impressive estate? There is nothing like heading over to your massage suite to rest and relax.

As functional as the home is, though, the sailboat in the moat and the decommissioned helicopter on the roof serve solely as accessories—both completely unusable, but in place for no other reason another than to be a display of wealth.

So, are you convinced yet? Or is “more is more” just too much?

Interview/Visit: Gigi Morelli


The Ritz-Carlton takes to the sea, making them the first luxury hotel brand to offer bespoke yacht experiences.
In collaboration with the design team, Tillberg Design of Sweden, The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection will launch with three ultra-luxe “cruise yachts” with the first of the fleet to be launched and take sail end of 2019.

The ultra-luxe cruise yachts feature a unique design measuring 190-meters with 149 private balcony suites and two 138 square-meter duplex penthouse suites. Voyages will vary between 7-10 days; when not on scheduled voyages, the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection will also be available for private charter. The first ship will cruise to a variety of destinations depending on the season. Confirmed locations include the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America. As well, due to the intimate size of the vessel, the yacht will be able to travel to unique locations typically not accessible to large cruise ships, from Capri and Portofino to St. Barths and the old town of Cartagena. At a relaxed pace, including both overnight and daytime ports, guests will be offered a uniquely curated destination experience. Reservations will be open in May 2018, standard one-week cruises are noted to have a $5,600 price tag with each ship only accommodating up to 298 guests.

Who is going to reserve a room?

Review: Gigi Morelli

In a Minute: A. Lange & Sohne’s Lange Zeitwerk Date


It’s been 10 years since A. Lange & Sohne introduced the Zeitwerk. With the time displayed numerically, it was an unusual addition to the brand’s line-up. What’s more, a constant- force mechanism that “recharged” once per second was needed to regulate the flow of energy from the barrel, given that all three numerals jump at the start of every hour. This year, A. Lange & Sohne has added the Zeitwerk Date to the collection. The date complication, hitherto unseen in the Zeitwerk, has finally made its way to the family, naturally with a twist.


A. Lange & Sohne

A. Lange & Sohne Zeitwerk Date

A. Lange & Sohne

A. Lange & Sohne Zeitwerk Date back.

Visually, the new Zeitwerk Date has the same signatures as its siblings from the collection. The brand’s signature “time bridge” runs horizontally across the middle of the dial, with its two apertures displaying the time using three numeral wheels. Meanwhile, the power-reserve sector and running seconds subdial sit at 12 and six o’clock respectively. The addition is the date display: The date ring is made of glass and features numerals printed in negative, allowing the current date to be highlighted in red. It’s not a typical format, but it keeps the dial from looking overly crowded.


The Zeitwerk Date wears large at 44.2mm across and 12.3mm thick, and feels appropriately hefty given its white-gold construction. Unfortunately, this precludes many potential wearers with smaller wrists, and there’s no going around it. To its credit, A. Lange & Sohne has already optimised the timepiece’s wearability with its relatively short lugs – there’s a limit to what can be done without upsetting the watch’s proportions. It is what it is.

MOVEMENT Manual-winding movement with 72-hour power reserve

CASE 44.2mm in white gold

PRICE $128,500

Ladies, you will love Richard Mille’s new tourbillon watch

Richard Mille has unveiled its newest creation – a timepiece for the ladies that’s been introduced in the form of a collection of ten watches. Called the RM 71-01 Automatic Tourbillon Talisman, it is the first collection overseen from top to bottom by Richard Mille’s Cécile Guenat, the watchmaker’s director of ladies’ collections. Each of the 10 watches in the collection features a variation on the mother-of-pearl, onyx, and diamond settings. However, the highlight of the watch, beyond its unique design, is the watchmaker’s first-ever, in-house automatic tourbillon movement, the Caliber CRMT1. The movement is largely made out of grade 5 titanium, making it ultra-light and compact, while still offering the typical robustness that Richard Mille’s calibers boast. It measures just 6.2 millimeters in thickness and 8 grams in weight.

Despite that the dial is largely skeletonized, it still features a miniature piece of artwork inspired by different art forms. “My work is the fruit of very different influences. In designing this collection, I drew not only on Art Deco, but on the Tribal arts—masks, African sculptures, etc.—whose impact on all great modern and contemporary artists has been enormous,” said Guenat. Five pieces of each of the 10 variations of the RM 71-01 Automatic Tourbillon Talisman will be available with a price tag of 400,000 CHF (roughly $405,000).

French chocolate is the Food of Love All Year Round – Not Just at Valentine’s Day

February 14th is here – and for most lovers of all things chocolate – a gift of ‘the best chocolate in the world’ is the only gift worth giving this Valentine’s Day.

Or indeed, for any special occasion. Based in Forcalquier in the Haute Provence region of France, zChocolat once again demonstrates why the French reign supreme on matters of the heart. Featuring a divine assortment of 10 specially crafted chocolates, the 2018 Valentine’s Day Collections includes the most requested recipes from Master Chocolatier Pascal Caffet with special love-inspired extras.

This year’s special edition packaging features either an ornate key design or an embellished heart design. The collection has also incorporated a dramatic nod to love’s foremost flower. Delicate rose petals are hidden beneath the lid of each box add instant romance and drama to each delivery. Like every zChocolat product, items from the Valentine’s Collection can be additionally customised with a personalised message, the recipient’s name engraved on the package, or even a heart-shaped padlock with an individually selected combination.

Of course, it’s the chocolates that steal the show. All-natural ingredients, exotic single-origin cocoas, and an absence of preservatives ensure premium flavours, while zChocolat’s innovative recipes make each product an unforgettable melt-in-your-mouth experience.

Particularly noteworthy are standout gifts such as lavish gold-covered chocolates, an impressive half-pound heart-shaped hazelnut praline, and elegantly coloured chocolate hearts, including a recently re-imagined ginger praline heart covered in smooth white chocolate.

This Valentine’s Day, give your beloved our special limited-edition Valentine’s Day box: the “Jet’aime” zBox 12. The words Je t’aime are engraved on the lid that will arrive beautifully wrapped. Inside are four distinct flavours, including irresistible white chocolate hearts filled with dark chocolate ganache, hazelnut pralines in smooth milk chocolate, luscious caramels coated in rich dark chocolate, and a recently re-imagined ginger praline in seductively silky white chocolate. A particularly elegant way to invite romance this month – and at any time of the year. As the pre-eminent source for fine quality French chocolate, the zChocolat brand has epitomised the expression chic à la française since its inception in 1999. The 2018 Valentine’s Day Collection, along with a wide range of other distinguished chocolate gifts, are available online exclusively at their website at Happy Valentine’s Day to all chocolate lovers!