Baan Huraa, Anantara Veli Maldives Resort : A Thai culinary symphony nestled in an Overwater Oasis

Often in the world of food, the war of prowess becomes an unwieldy battle between the real deal and the good stuff. There are those who have eaten dishes in their place of origin and will accept no other version of it; and there are those who accept appetising dishes with much nonchalance for authenticity. I take pride in saying I have picked a side; the former one of the two.

Anantara Veli’s signature Thai restaurant Baan Huraa easily surpassed all my prior rendezvous with Thai fare. Nestled over the ocean, the overwater haven radiates oodles of authentic Thai delicacies coupled with the finest hospitality. Enveloped by the rhythm of the sea beneath and the soothing horizon, I was overpowered by Baan Huraa’s ambience almost instantly.

The service was exceptional and the staff was welcoming and eager to help amateurs navigate the fairly alien menu. For non-vegetarians, the menu was inexhaustible with bountiful options across meats and seafood. Furthermore, unlike most other Asian diners flung far and wide, Baan Huraa had no dearth of vegetarian alternatives either.

Our much-awaited vegetarian three-course dinner commenced with the Thai version of paan. The server approached our table with an adorable wooden box brimming with some interesting condiments such as raw ginger, lemon chunks, raw coconut, red eye chilies and sambal. All the condiments were to be wrapped into a leaf to form a refreshing pre-meal bite.

Given my love for tofu, the Tofu Satay with Peanut Sauce was the most obvious choice for the first course. In addition, we also ordered a Som Tam salad. The Tofu Satay was a winner with its tender and velvety centre seasoned with spices and marinated to perfection. The peanut sauce was so delectable, we requested for another helping. We even teamed it up with the Som Tam salad, which was flavourful and tangy with a hint of spice from the birds eye chilies. The finely-cut papaya was left al dente to perfection, adding a crunchy texture to our first courses.

An interesting trio of red, brown and white sticky rice
Main Course – Pad Thai Noodles and the Winner of the Night – Massaman Curry

For main course, a sizeable feast greeted our taste buds in the form of Pad Thai Noodles, Massaman curry and a Three-Mushroom Salad. Commemorating the fine flavours of Thai cuisine, the Pad Thai was a real highlight! Comprising light flat noodles, sautéed perfectly with a wholesome variety of vegetables, the dish managed to maintain a perfect balance between sweet, tangy and spicy. The dish of the night however, was the Massaman Curry. It was a welcome change from all curries, be it Green, Red or Massaman, tasting exactly the same in most restaurants back home in India. While this Massaman curry too did have a generous amount of coconut, the flavour generated from the freshly prepared peanut paste and perfectly cooked vegetables, shone through and made it one of the better curries we have tasted on our travels worldwide. Interestingly, Baan Huraa ditched the concept of a singular portion of white rice; and partnered the curry with a trio of rice, brown, red and sticky white. We especially enjoyed pairing the curry with the red rice. Unfortunately, the Three-Mushroom salad was nothing to write home about; it lacked the zest and essential nuances the rest of the dishes entailed.

Dessert – The simple yet flavourful chocolate ice-cream

We were full to the brim after the delicious meal, but decided to order the chocolate ice cream for dessert. It was extremely creamy and airy, with an excellent dark chocolate flavour, making it a perfect end to a sumptuous meal.

All in all, we had a memorable culinary experience comprising a terrific amalgamation of flavours and textures right from start to finish. Baan Huraa is definitely a must visit for anyone heading to the Anantara properties in Maldives.

Where: Anantara Veli Maldives Resort
Veligandu, South Male Atoll 20109, Maldives
Phone: +960 664-4100
Average Cost: $110 for two people

Review: Diana Herrick

We Take a Look at the Excellent English Wines from Danebury Vineyard

Valentine’s Day may be over, but there are 364 other days’ worth celebrating with Danebury Vineyard’s quality English wines.

Limited production with exceptional quality, that’s the focus of family-owned boutique vineyard Danebury Vineyard. Based near Stockbridge in Hampshire, the highly regarded vineyard estate covers some seven acres – land that was once a successful racehorse yard. The racing heritage is now reflected in the company’s wine labels. And it named its sparkling white wine after Cossack, a racehorse trained at Danebury that won The Derby in 1847.

Vine growing at Danebury Vineyard in Hampshire

Danebury has been producing quality English sparkling and still wines since 1988 and follows organic principles in its wine-making. The UK’s long summer days allow for maximum ripening of its cool climate grapes, ensuring strong fruit flavours. While the chalk and flint soil lends the wine its mineralogy.
Danebury produces two varietal white wines: Schönburger and Madeline Angevine, and a Reserve Wine that’s a blend of the four varieties grown at Danebury. The vineyard’s sparkling offering is the premium vintage Cossack – an award-winning white wine made from Auxerrois Blanc and Ruländer grape varieties that will be released in Spring this year.

Grapes grown at Danebury Vineyard in Hampshire

Danebury’s expert winemaker, Vince Gower has been producing quality English wine for over 20 years and has won dozens of national and international awards. His careful approach entails minimal intervention, with the pressing, fermentation, transferring and filtering process carried out with the utmost care, ensuring the delicate nature of the juice is preserved and the character ‘terroir’ of Danebury Vineyard is fully expressed in the finished wine.

Danebury Wine Collection

Danebury Madeleine Angevine 2014 – Still Dry White Wine

Medals – Bronze: Decanter Magazine, UK Wine Awards. Commended: International Wine Challenge, Sommelier Wine Awards.

Madeleine Angevine is a white wine grape from the Loire Valley – a popular choice for UK winegrowers. It has the advantage of being early ripening and grows well in cooler climates. Madeleine Angevine makes an attractive fruity, yet dry wine with a flowery nose similar to Alsatian Pinot Blanc and refreshing finish. It’s the perfect aperitif and pairs well with chicken, seafood such as scallops and crayfish or charcuterie and pâtés.
Alcohol: 11.5% Suitable for vegetarians

Danebury Schönburger 2014 — Still Dry White Wine

Medals 2017 – Bronze: Sommelier Wine Awards

Schönburger is a relatively unknown German grape variety with a slightly red skin when it ripens, a hybrid of Pinot Noir, Chasselas and Muscat Hamburg, popularly grown in England. It is quickly pressed with no skin contact to produce a silky, aromatic, dry white wine. It has a rich, full soft palate exhibiting a refreshing, clean finish, making it an excellent accompaniment to fish, chicken and vegetable sauce-based dishes.
Alc %. 10.0. Suitable for vegetarians

Danebury Reserve 2015 – Still Dry White Wine

Medals 2017 – Silver: Sommelier Wine Awards, Bronze: Decanter, IWSC

A full dry white wine, which is a skilful blend of all our grape varieties (Schönburger, Madeleine Angevine, Auxerrois Blanc and Ruländer [Pinot Gris]). Displaying a complex combination of the fruitiness of Madeleine Angevine, the crisp acidity of Schönburger, structure of the Auxerrois, complemented by the subtle in influence of Ruländer, and delivering plenty of mineralogy on the finish. It works well with a variety of dishes due to its complex flavour and crisp acidity: a taste of Hampshire in a glass.
Alcohol: 12%. Suitable for vegetarians

Danebury “Cossack” 2014 — English Sparkling Wine

Made from a blend of 95% Auxerrois Blanc (a cross between Gouais Blanc and Pinot Noir sharing the ancestry of Chardonnay) and 5% Ruländer grapes (a German synonym for Pinot Gris). Cossack is crafted using the traditional bottle fermentation method and aged for approximately four years on its lees. A classically structured wine that lasts on the palate, Cossack is equally delightful to drink either on its own or with food.

To be released in Spring 2018

Grape vines growing at Danebury Vineyard in Hampshire

Danebury Vineyards — Where and How
Danebury House, Stockbridge, Hants, 8020 6JX
Tel: +44 1264 781851

Visit and Text: Gigi Morelli

Messieurs, don’t scoff Mr. Skoff!

At last year’s Concours Mondial du Sauvignon Blanc in Bordeaux, French eyes where rolled and heads turned away with envy as Walter Skoff, an outstanding winemaker from Austria tore away from under their aristrocratic noses the highest award, the „Denis Dubourdieu Trophy“, for his Kranachberg Sauvignon Blanc 2015.  The French can no longer lay claim to having the best Sauvignon wines because as Walter Skoff or ”Mr. Sauvignon Blanc“ as he is famously known, uncorked the world’s premier Sauvignon Blanc he demonstrated not only to France but to the rest of the world, his expertise in outstanding wines by coming first out of more than 800 international submissions.  What more proof do the French want?

Mr. Skoff at work

The family run business is now in its 5thgeneration and the key to its ongoing success in Gamlitz over the many years is down to the fact that the wealth of winemaking experience is being passed down from generation to generation, and constantly being developed.SKOFF Original was founded in 2011 and the range of wines nurtured are typically Styrian, with Welschriesling (Italian Riesling), Gelber Muskateller, Weißburgunder, Grauburgunder and Morillon (Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay respectively), as well as the native red varietal Zweigelt.  A sparkling Brut and nobile sweet dessert wines also flow from its vineyards. Demands for wines made by Walter Skoff’s team stretches internationally, and way beyond the boundaries of Austria.

Picture 875

All these exquisite wines and also his flagship wine, the premium “Royal Sauvignon Blanc“ may be sipped first hand on the terrace of the “Buschenschank“ on the Walter Skoff Wine Estate  which stands majestically on the “Sudsteirischen” wine route, offering breathtaking views over the surrounding countryside. And if you find it hard to leave, then there are six comfortable guest rooms upstairs, with equally magnificent vineyard views.

Contact: Vineyard Website

Royal China DIFC Dim Sum Brunch

Royal China Dubai the city’s award-winning Chinese restaurant located in the heart of the DIFC, has delighted us with its renewed, mouth-watering Dim Sum Brunch that now features even more delicious items.

At The Luxe Diary, a little Asian travel is a one of our special luxuries with many precious family moments spent in South East Asian capitals tucking into delicious dim sum washed down with jasmine tea. And our recent visit to Royal China Dubai was no exception to our experiences – only we were able to experience it right here in the heart of Dubai, in the DIFC, casually over the weekend.

We love Royal China’s chintzy traditional Chinese inspired interior design with its tasteful modern twists. The deep red velvet upholstery and dark wood dividers create a balanced atmosphere. The sound of pleasant weekend beats echo gently around the room. There are a few families with well behaved young children as well as groups of friends enjoying this version of a great weekend tradition. The atmosphere is both sophisticated and relaxed.

The extensive selection of fried, steamed, vegetarian or gluten free dumplings, offers the perfect balance between a light breakfast and hearty lunch. Each piece is delicately prepared with the freshest of ingredients to yield full-hearted flavours that promise to tantalize patrons’ taste buds.

Particular favourites include the prawn and chive dumplings – super tangy and authentic and so good we had to reorder these twice. The fried minced squid balls were also a favourite and a Royal China signature dish. The Vietnamese spring rolls were note worthy, fresh and crispy. The pan fried gyozas were also a hit and we went as far as to try the chicken feet – the sauce was delicious. Traditional scallop and shrimp dumplings were ordered and reordered as was the prawn cheung fun.

Desserts that we enjoyed included the chilled tapioca in coconut soup and the black sesame dumplings in peanut crumbs – and last but not least the steamed egg custard buns featured below.

Having established itself at the forefront of Dubai’s brunch scene, the Dim Sum Brunch is a relaxed and refreshing alternative to the regular buffet offering for guests to experience the finest and most authentic Dim Sum in the UAE. Whether with family or friends, Royal China is the perfect venue for an immersive Cantonese gourmet experience in the heart of the vibrant DIFC.

The Royal China Dubai Dim Sum Brunch is, by our account, a fantastic way to spend a Friday or a Saturday lunch time.

The Details.

Fridays & Saturdays 12.00-15.30

Unlimited Dim sum with Chinese tea: AED 188 per person
Unlimited Dim sum with House Beer and House wine: AED 388 per person
Unlimited Dim sum with Champagne and selected Alcoholic beverages: 488 AED per person

*A La Carte menu is also available

Reservations & Information.

For information and reservations call 04 3545543 or visit Royal China Dubai is situated at 4L2-001 The Balcony, Precinct Building 4, D.I.F.C., Dubai, UAE

Text & Fotos & Interview:

3 Boutique Restaurants in Venice

Be charmed by some of the best boutique restaurants in Venice.

Chat qui Rit


Giovanni Mozzato left the corporate world to create his dream, Chat qui Rit, right in the heart of San Marco. He handpicked each detail of the stylish interior, from the designer Danish and Italian chairs to the tiles on the floor. The select menu is a creative fusion of Venice and the East, starring delights like Shi Drum Fillet with Watercress Sauce and Wasabi, and rare cheeses like Pule, made from the milk of 100 donkeys living on the Zasavica Nature Reserve in Serbia. Great wine, too.

Vecio Fritolin

vecio fritolin

Together with owner Irina Freguia, female chef Najada Frasheri brings a touch of Mother Nature to every pretty plate. The beef is hand-chopped. The catch of the day is from the Rialto market, just minutes away. The time-honored Venetian ‘baccalà’ is served snuggled inside a cannolo, surrounded by colorful candied garden vegetables.

Ristorante La Caravella

la caravella

Once a magnet for intellectuals like Sartre and de Beauvoir, La Caravella is still in the hands of the fourth generation of the congenial Serandrei family. The cosy, wooden interior is modelled after an ancient ship; the bread homemade, the wine list extensive and the service attentive. The classic Venetian menu is innovative, fresh and beautiful; the ravioli stuffed with scampi is divine.

Katsuya by Starck – The Luxxrs Review

Katsuya by Starck, located in the heart of Madinat Jumeirah, at Al-Naseem Hotel, successfully marries master sushi chef Katsuya Uechi’s fresh take on Japanese classics with design icon Philippe Starck’s sleek and sultry interiors.

As you enter the restaurant you are welcomed by the magnificent setting, with straight lines and compartments due to the fact that the restaurant is conceived to look like a bento box. As the weather is cooling down, you can enjoy your dinner on the lovely terrace offering a view over the resort’s lagoon. The service is exceptionally friendly and very attentive.

To kick things off, we recommend the already famous Burning Mandarin which lives up to its name and reputation – burning, spicy, surprising, and well-presented: we couldn’t ask for more.

The menu offers a wide variety of mouth-watering starters such as the crispy brussels sprouts with balsamic soy and toasted almonds and the seaweed sunumono – mixed seaweed in a sweet vinegar dressing, the moreish creamy rock shrimp – crispy bite-size rock shrimp tossed in a creamy spicy sauce and the cucumber sunumono.

In particular, we’d like to talk about the brussels sprouts. Never great fans we decide to take the plunge and do not regret it at all. The inventive dish is crispy, tasty,  spicy: the perfect mix to discover these vegetables and actually enjoy them for the first time.

For mains, we try two of the restaurant’s specialities with a couple of sides. Highlights include the Miso Marinated Black Cod which is really a must-try dish! A very tender fish, well-presented, with unexpected and unparalleled flavour due to the sweet miso and the special taste of baked black cod. We are also very taken by the Wagyu Filet with Foie Gras – exquisite medallions of foie gras served on top of tender Wagyu beef, a really interesting and unique combination of two particular flavours. For those who love Japanese beef and Foie Gras, it is a must-have dish. The sides are also delicious – Robata beef asparagus, and Wasabi mashed potatoes – traditional Japanese flavours, always a delight.

Mains are followed by delicious mochis for dessert – traditional rice-wrapped ice cream with seasonal fruits – we particularly recommend the strawberry and green tea flavour, a personal favourite.

Katsuya offers a very pleasant dining experience with food of the most unexpected, unique and exquisite flavours – proof that you can enjoy a delicious dinner in a Japanese restaurant serving revisited traditional food without being limited to sushi.

Katsuya is a design and culinary success in every sense! We’ll be back soon!

Tobasco reveals a special edition sauce presented in a tiny Champagne bottle

The most ubiquitous hot sauce: Tabasco, is celebrating 150 years of setting people’s taste buds on edge. To commemorate the anniversary, the company has created an over-the-top limited edition Diamond Reserve Red Sauce which comes in a miniature Champagne bottle.

It’s not the just the bottle that’s fancy though, Diamond reserve is made from tabasco peppers that have aged in barrels for as long as 15 years. The long aging period allows them to develop in flavor and complexity. Even the peppers chosen are special – with their color, texture and robustness being considered before they were picked at Avery Island for this special sauce. The aged peppers are combined with sparkling white wine vinegar, before being sealed into their in their very special gold foil topped bottles.

They may look fancy and make a great gift for a spicy food loving friend, but their priced at just about $35 for a six ounce bottle. They are likely to sell out soon so get yours here:

Available at: CountryStore

Peyote DIFC a luxxrs visit

Our mission is to filter for you the best, most luxurious (and delicious!) culinary, fashion and cultural experiences taking place across the city. We aim to bring you the best that Dubai can offer.

We are often asked how we achieve this, what standards do we apply. The answer is simple: our team of specially selected writers and reviewers all have one thing in common: a love for quality, taste, beauty and aesthetics. This is where Peyote DIFC comes in.

Peyote – The Review

Dubai, the culinary haven that we are lucky to call home, has seen a genuine emergence of a new generation of restaurants offering a modern take on traditional and, sometimes, indigenous cuisines. Peyote, launched earlier this year, is definitely a contender for one of the finest, most original, delicious and aesthetically pleasing newcomers in this category. Acclaimed chef Eduardo Garcia (of the Maximo Bistrot in Mexico City – voted in the top 50 best restaurants in Latin America) balances the contemporary and the classic at Peyote, which boasts elegant dishes based on the sharing concept around main themes which include: ensaladascrudoceviche, tacos and fresh meat and seafood.

On approach to Peyote, as we meander through the Gate Village in the DIFC, we are taken by the simple beauty of the ‘peyote‘ flower which adorns the outside wall of the restaurant.

The ‘peyote‘ is a type of cactus native to the Chihuahua desert – noted on the one hand for its medicinal and hallucinogenic qualities but also for its gorgeous, delicate, pale pink, circular and many petaled flower – which the maison Peyote has so beautifully and stylishly adopted.

As we enter, we note the carefully chosen yet simple decor of natural birch wood. The notes of colour are provided by the strategically placed pale turquoize ceramic pineapples on the proportionate open spaced shelves. Right on trend, these ‘objets‘ subtly direct the colour spectrum: cornflower blue, peyote flower pink and lavender pastel that occur tastefully in the surroundings and in the tableware. Notes of copper work in tandem with the natural hues and the marble bar is elegant and inviting.

Upon arrival, we are delighted by the chili and passion fruit margarita – a must-have signature cocktail from Peyote in London. It is spicy, delicate and makes for a perfect start to the evening.


We start with the guacamole which is tasty and zesty, and set out to try the fried baby squid with jalapeno mayonnaise and lime. Huge fans of deep fried squid and very taken by Zuma‘s version of the similar dish, at The Luxe Diary, we are harsh critics. But Peyote’s definitely stands the test with the tangy and delicate flavours of its signature batter. Delightfully crisp and flavoursome, it is a great result.

We move on to the tacos. Here again, we are pleasantly surprised to discover Peyote‘s declension of this traditional Mexican speciality. The Tacos de res (braised beef short ribs, salsa verde and cilantro cress), on their delicate lavender coloured soft corn taco bases are the most moreish combination of buttery sticky beef contrasted beautifully with the sharp salsa verde. We also try the Tacos de tempura de gambas, tiger prawn tempura with chipotle mayonnaise and lime – equally delicious.

From the ceviche family, our favourite was the Laminado de hamachi – razor thin slices of hamachi delicately layered with a unique type of Mexican truffle. A close second: the stunning Ceviche blanco with cilantro oil and coconut aguachile.

A perfect side to the tacos and ceviche was the Esquites, sweetcorn with homemade mayonnaise and queso fresco. A surprisingly delicious side – with its ingredients showcased perfectly and let to shine.


The desserts are another world of culinary discovery. We opt for the Oaxaca Chocolate – warm chocolate chipotle mousse and raspberry sorbet. It is an interesting combination: not too sweet, with an earthy, rich and very genuine cocoa flavour, contrasted with a sharp and fruity rapsberry sorbet –  a triumph.

We also enjoyed Peyote’s take on a traditional dessert, Tres Leches. A vanilla soaked sponge cake with raspberry jam and burnt milk ice-cream, this dessert is the definition of comfort food with an expert twist. The berries add freshness to this warm, milky and vanilla-sweet bowl of deliciousness.


The service at Peyote is excellent. The staff are attentive and appear to genuinely enjoy hosting their guests.

Contact: +971-4-521-6300 |
Location: Gate Village No, 2 | DIFC, Dubai

Vida Downtown’s Urban Picnic goes Latin this Season!

Andale, arriba, arriba! Inspired by all things Latin, Vida Downtown’s legendary Urban Picnic takes guests on a trip to Latin America this season!

Featuring the largest salad station in town with more than 40 ingredients and flavours from over six countries, you are certainly coming back for more. Not to be missed is the glorious pizza station!

Named after iconic personalities such as Fidel Castro, the pizzas on offer include El Diablo – made of beef and chili and La Fiesta – with everyone’s favourite, pineapple and turkey.

Enjoy Vida’s legendary sizzling live barbeque station while you lounge by the pool and feast on a fiesta of dishes such as smoked beef brisket; bistec ahumado; slow cooked lamb neck and cuero de cordero.

Guests can play Latin Lingo with an incredible array of dishes from the Chef’s kitchen including Platanos Fritos & Frijoles negros.

The large selection of Nachos & Tacos at the nacho station is sure to win you over with its authentic flavours, not to forget the very traditional Chilli Con Carne.

The churro station – probably the quirkiest of all – takes you on a journey from when Brazil won the soccer World Cup and Juan Peron was President of Argentina. Enjoy sugary and chocolatey Churro variations including Warm Churros, Churro Caliente, Churros Shot, & Tiro de Churros. Did we mention enough churros?

Finally, each guest will be handed a passport which entails the site map with all the stations. Your very own Latin passport taking you on a journey through your favourite picnic brunch!

Put your sombreros on and get into the Latin spirit.


For reservations or more information, please contact 04 888 3444 or email

The Details

Every Friday from 13.00 to 17.00 at 3in1 at Vida Downtown, Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, The Old Town, Downtown Dubai


Text: luxxrs

Belmond Reid’s Palace has announced a three day food festival that brings together 8 Michelin starred chefs

Belmond Reid’s Palace in Portugal has announced an annual gastronomic festival that brings together the best of European culinary talent to offer a one-of-a-kind experience. The festival will bring together Michelin starred chefs from across Europe, including Luís Pestana, Executive Chef of Belmond Reid’s Palace and the Michelin-starred William Restaurant. The chefs invited are:

– Michel Van Der Kroft of ‘t Nonnetje in Holland, 2 Michelin Stars;
– Ricardo Costa of The Yeatman Hotel in Porto, Portugal, 2 Michelin Stars;
– Davide Bisetto of Oro – Belmond Cipriani in Venice, Italy, 1 Michelin Star
– Joachim Koerper of Eleven in Lisbon, Portugal, 1 Michelin Star;
– Pedro Lemos of Pedro Lemos Restaurante in Porto, Portugal, 1 Michelin Star;
– Sergi Arola of LAB by Sergi Arola – Penha Longa Resort in Sintra, Portugal, 1 Michelin Star
– Vitor Matos of Antiqvvm in Porto, Portugal, 1 Michelin Star

The Art of Flavours Gastronomic festival will take place from the 8th to the 10th of June. Guests will have the opportunity to attend masterclasses organized by the Michelin starred chefs and take advantage of their expertise and knowledge. Other events include an outdoor party where brilliant Chefs, winemakers and producers from all over the world will set up more than 20 stalls, inviting visitors to experience an incredible range of flavors plated in fine china from Vista Alegre. At this event guests can watch the esteemed chefs at their live cooking stations and eve talk to them one on one. The evening is capped off by the Madeira Atlantic Festival, a magnificent pyromusical show.

The festival will close out with the Stars dinner, a nine-course experience that will include contributions from all the Michelin starred chefs. Chef Sergi Arola has chosen the caviar and foie gras as main ingredients, Pedro Lemos will homage the local fish by presenting a bluefin tuna with mushrooms and wasabi. Luís Pestana will use Madeira wine to flavour Wagyu beef and will include truffles, foie-gras and secret Madeiran ingredients and Pedro Campas, the Pastry Chef of Belmond Reid’s Palace will close the experience with the unique desert – Flavours with tradition – passion fruit, cottage cheese and honey cake.

The Food Party will take place on the 9th June will start at 7.30 pm and it’s priced at 140.00 € per person while the Stars Dinner on the 10th June is priced at 200.00 € per person and starts at 7.30 pm. You must book in advance to secure seats. Call +351 291 71 71 71 for or send an email to

Review: Lisa Johnsen