The 58th edition of the Salone del Mobile, Milano, has just ended on a high note.  This year a record attendance of visitors was recorded many of whom were fortunate to discover a surprising new world – BUBEN&ZORWEG, a name that is fast becoming synonymous with luxury, exquisite design and top security.

Unveiled within the sophisticated ambience of its novel 140m² booth at the prestigious Salone del Mobile, BUBEN&ZORWEG debuted its new star, the outstanding designed TAURUS.  The TAURUS stands in luxurious line with its fellow stars the ORION and the GALAXY.

The newest member of the BUBEN&ZORWEG safe collection does not rely exclusively on its good looks to make a mark.  Indeed, with regard to security, it premieres an amazing BUBEN&ZORWEG patented armouring material “PROTECT-PRO” an essential technical revolution in the field of safes and safety.

PROTECT-PRO is a composite of resin and stone, combined into a special material used in the body of the safe and has two functions. Firstly, the PROTECT-PRO walls of the TAURUS can withstand sophisticated attacks.  Secondly, they can reduce the weight of the safe by 30 per cent when compared to conventional safes. Thus, giving outstanding technical performance while being attributed to a VdS security certification.

Internationally known as the Milan Furniture Fair, the Salone del Mobile, Milano is far more than a fair or a large-size exhibition. It is a reference point for professionals in the design and furniture sector to create and show their top-quality products.

This year, more than four hundred thousand people, including designers, architects, journalists, collectors and design enthusiasts, from over 160 countries, attended the Milan Design Week.

The Salone del Mobile is definitely THE creative environment for an upmarket brand like BUBEN&ZORWEG.  It excels among the most recognised names in the world and has established a presence there, and has become a real part of the exhibition itself.

Pricing: from 79.800 Euro

In a Minute: A. Lange & Sohne’s Lange Zeitwerk Date


It’s been 10 years since A. Lange & Sohne introduced the Zeitwerk. With the time displayed numerically, it was an unusual addition to the brand’s line-up. What’s more, a constant- force mechanism that “recharged” once per second was needed to regulate the flow of energy from the barrel, given that all three numerals jump at the start of every hour. This year, A. Lange & Sohne has added the Zeitwerk Date to the collection. The date complication, hitherto unseen in the Zeitwerk, has finally made its way to the family, naturally with a twist.


A. Lange & Sohne

A. Lange & Sohne Zeitwerk Date

A. Lange & Sohne

A. Lange & Sohne Zeitwerk Date back.

Visually, the new Zeitwerk Date has the same signatures as its siblings from the collection. The brand’s signature “time bridge” runs horizontally across the middle of the dial, with its two apertures displaying the time using three numeral wheels. Meanwhile, the power-reserve sector and running seconds subdial sit at 12 and six o’clock respectively. The addition is the date display: The date ring is made of glass and features numerals printed in negative, allowing the current date to be highlighted in red. It’s not a typical format, but it keeps the dial from looking overly crowded.


The Zeitwerk Date wears large at 44.2mm across and 12.3mm thick, and feels appropriately hefty given its white-gold construction. Unfortunately, this precludes many potential wearers with smaller wrists, and there’s no going around it. To its credit, A. Lange & Sohne has already optimised the timepiece’s wearability with its relatively short lugs – there’s a limit to what can be done without upsetting the watch’s proportions. It is what it is.

MOVEMENT Manual-winding movement with 72-hour power reserve

CASE 44.2mm in white gold

PRICE $128,500

Rixos Saadiyat Island – The All Inclusive Resort with All the ‘à la Carte’ Feels

As Abu Dhabi’s first all-inclusive hotel, Rixos Saadiyat Island is setting standards, others are watching. The Luxe Diary checked in.

Read our review of Rixos Saadiyat Island – the all-inclusive resort with all the ‘à la carte’ feels.

Turkish hotel group Rixos has made a swift but impressive entry into the UAE hotel ecosystem. With its resorts on Palm Jumeirah and in Ras Al Khaimah it brought a fresh brand of hospitality – and in its 2018 arrival into the capital introduced something largely still a novelty in the UAE – the “ultra all-inclusive” concept.

Where the RAK resort, on lively Al Mariah Island, has something of a party reputation, Abu Dhabi’s tranquil by comparison Saadiyat Island was always going to offer a contrast.

Checking In.

For starters, there’s an epic feel to the arrival lobby, a grand space just on the right side of ostentatious; blending stained glass, ornate ceilings and ubiquitous marble flooring. A subtle Ottoman influence creeps into the design, which also channels art deco via occasionally dramatic furniture.

Once checked in, a reception assistant ushers you to your room – in our case a garden-facing double with a deep, furnished balcony.  Those epic but cheerful design details from downstairs feed into bedrooms where curious ornaments accompany warmly coloured furnishings.

The Concept.

The capital’s favourite beachfront is beginning to fill up with resorts. Rixos Saadiyat Island contrasts its neighbours by taking the all-inclusive concept already successfully pioneered in RAK and non-UAE resorts and applying it to an elegant five-star resort with all the amenities and F&B you would hope for, but without the hefty final price tag.

As anyone who knows the Turkish hotel group’s Dubai properties will concur, this also comes with an element of fun. These include the hotel “skater waiters” who whizz around on in-line skates taking refreshments to guests around the main pool. And, with the all-inclusive model, you’re not having to sign a slip every time you snack or sip.

Opened last October, the Rixos model – a regular feature in European destinations – enables guests to better budget their staycation while indulging in a resort blessed with architecture that blends Arabic tradition with modern amenities to Insta-loving effect.

The F&B.

After being under-whelmed by the minibar fridge – the most inspiring contents arguably the soft drinks choice and tubes of Smarties – the resort’s extensive F&B assortment beckoned.

While your package includes all, you are advised to reserve a table at a la carte options to avoid disappointment; such as Japanese outlet Aja Asian & Teppanyaki, which offers a short but solid menu and a fun, if slightly brief, teppanyaki experience inside and out.

Generous, well presented food had Mermaid standing out alongside fresh decor matched with a nicely cooked range of Mediterranean seafood dishes, including stunning octopus, meats and salads.

That lobby elegance also permeates L’Olivio – delivering pasta and pizza in European-inspired ambience – while Orient handles Oriental Turkish cuisine within stylish surroundings.

People’s is a stark contrast with bright, thoroughly modern casual dining granted beach views. Beating all the above for sheer scale and instant choice is all-day dining restaurant Turquoise.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner service scours territories from Arabia to India to tender a huge array of dishes. The first sitting includes regular favourites alongside Turkish staples such as menemen – posh scrambled eggs – and spicy sausage. The Vitamin Bar offers another nutritional top-up.

The Setting on Saadiyat.

Saadiyat is known for its popularity among nesting turtles, so the resort’s lush natural beach is accessed via a wooden boardwalk that crosses these creatures’ favoured sites.

With the late summer heat at full setting numerous wave-facing loungers with umbrellas are serviced by a wooden booth stocked with cold drinks, while the main pool boasts a swim-up bar, plenty of loungers and – importantly if you have kids – food carts serving Baskin Robbins ice cream, fresh juices and pretzels.

Sensitive illumination embraces the resort come sundown, including a large courtyard beyond the lobby and Lounge Bar brought to life by live music and DJs as guests share shisha (at extra cost) in sunken seating areas.

The Final Word.

The Rixos all-inclusive concept began in Antalya, Turkey, in the early 2000s and while premium adult refreshment brands may occasionally be lacking, there’s satisfaction in not having to sign slips after each order or put the credit card through its paces again on check-out.

“What we offer is peace of mind, knowing that there won’t be any hidden costs or extra bills to settle at the end of your stay,” explains Rixos Saadiyat Island General Manager Burcak Orak. “What you set out to pay upon booking with us is what you will pay at the end of your stay, while having had no restrictions with food and beverages during that time in the resort.” As for those speedy poolside waiters, they are trained in-house, reveals the boss.

“This is new for Abu Dhabi but not for Rixos – this skater waiter/waitress programme started almost 10 years before in Rixos, Turkey,” he adds.

Argan Oil market overview and product tests

Argan Oil products and especially pure Argan Oil are emerging as THE “in” products in the cosmetic and beauty world. As there are countless products on the market it has become apparent that tests should be performed to verify what exactly is being sold. These we have carried out and the results have been really shocking!

Argan tree

Intensive research and tests have been carried out by us to verify the differences between Argan Oils being currently sold on the market.

In testing, it became surprisingly obvious that Argan Oil is being sold in very high percentages of mixtures (up to 80% Sunflower Oil or Corn Oil), which only very sophisticated laboratory analyses can prove.  Furthermore, even oils bought directly in Morocco have found to have varying cheap oils and this has been not only eye opening but shocking.

Argan nuts in shell

It is very difficult for consumers to filter real Argan Oil from mixtures, but the difference becomes evident when you try a Pure Argan Oil.

The Oil from Moroccangold, Josie Maran and AlQima has been taken direct from their factory’s.  We also purchased there oils presently on the UK market to double check the quality – still the same as promised!

A major problem has been that manufacturers do not sell direct on the market and they buy their oil from different small suppliers, therefore it has been impossible for us to verify who is actually mixing the oil.

The general result has been astonishing and has proved once again that profit is the main motivator for resellers.  The issue that needs to be addressed is that the consumer needs to be aware what is a pure product and fair to buy.

Products sold at cheaper prices are almost always mixed and diluted with cheap oils to improve the margins.

Finally, we can say that Oils sold at prices below GBP 20.00 (Euro 16,50) 100ml cannot be pure. A kg of organic Argan nuts are purchased at 85 MHD (7.00 GBP / Euro 5,75) and to make 1 Liter of pure Argan Oil 2.2 – 2.4 kg are needed. In Morocco pure Argan Oil is sold for 80.00 – 120.00 GBP (Euro 65,00 – 100,00) and so it is not possible to sell the oil cheaper to consumers in Europe as it is sold direct from factories (cooperatives) in Morocco. 1 Litre of Sunflower or Corn oil costs 1.00 GBP (Euro 1,20).

After months of testing and research on the actual skin and in special laboratories, we now have a much clearer picture and outcome that there is only a few products which satisfied all the results.

The Josie Maran Argan Oil is an high quality pure Argan Oil and 15ml are sold for 65.00 GBP (Euro 70,00).

The MoroccanGold Ozinised Argan Oil is a pure Argan Oil and is also unique because it has added Ozone (O3) 250ppm (parts per million) to disinfect the skin. The Ozone is not very present but can be realized on the skin. Ozone has a very effective quality and has brought big advancements also in Olive Oil, in the cosmetics world and medical field.

The MoroccanGold Oil is sold in 50 and 100ml bottles with pipette dropper at 22.00 and 34.00 GPB and comes highly recommended. The AlQima with a much higher Ozone concentration 1.500ppm at 39.00 GBP 50ml.

Consumers can verify the quality based on the colour. The darker the oil, the better the quality is. This is just a rough indicator which can be used to check the quality and pureness.

More information about our testing can be requested. Please feel free and contact us.

Eating Green in Venice

Nutrition & lifestyle expert Sophie Eustache says “we are what we eat”

Bistrot de Venise

Sergio Fragiacomo believes the history of Venetian cuisine reflects the history of the city. The Rialto market was once the world’s leading spice emporium, and exotic spices were a status symbol for the nobility. The Bistrot de Venise serves a contemporary menu using natural ingredients, as well as recreating ancient recipes, with an award-winning wine list.

luxxrs.com recommends: Vegetarian Fantasy with seasonal ingredients


Ristorante Wildner

An oasis in the middle of the masses, the veranda of Restaurant Wildner has a sparkling view of the lagoon. The Fullin family is passionate about simple, traditional Venetian cuisine, accompanied by artisanal wines and handpicked olive oil. The matriarch, Donatella, is in charge of the Slow Food of Venice organisation and makes all the desserts.

luxxrs.com recommends: Vellutata with peas from Sant’ Erasmo


Al Vecio Marangon

Amarone by the glass, perfectly decanted, sets the tone for this tiny, pretty eatery tucked into a courtyard where you can lunch until 3pm and dine at 6pm. Like a nurturing mother, Marina Bobbo serves comforting local food in a cosy ambiance highlighted by an old “marangon” or carpenter’s table. Seats 28 inside and 20 out. Reservations advised.

luxxrs.com recommends: Artichoke hearts with parsley and virgin olive oil

danielle macinnes 66249 unsplash 1

Osteria Antica Adelaide

Alvise Ceccato takes green to the extreme. He puts his personal touch on every aspect of his pure Venetian food, delivering it from nature to your table. He knows his seafood, down to the zone, and where his gardens grow. He takes your order, cooks your food and serves it up with a little help from his friendly staff, jazz purring in the background.

luxxrs.com recommends: Mixed herbs and vegetables of the season

casey lee 105763 unsplash 1

3 Boutique Restaurants in Venice

Be charmed by some of the best boutique restaurants in Venice.

Chat qui Rit


Giovanni Mozzato left the corporate world to create his dream, Chat qui Rit, right in the heart of San Marco. He handpicked each detail of the stylish interior, from the designer Danish and Italian chairs to the tiles on the floor. The select menu is a creative fusion of Venice and the East, starring delights like Shi Drum Fillet with Watercress Sauce and Wasabi, and rare cheeses like Pule, made from the milk of 100 donkeys living on the Zasavica Nature Reserve in Serbia. Great wine, too.

Vecio Fritolin

vecio fritolin

Together with owner Irina Freguia, female chef Najada Frasheri brings a touch of Mother Nature to every pretty plate. The beef is hand-chopped. The catch of the day is from the Rialto market, just minutes away. The time-honored Venetian ‘baccalà’ is served snuggled inside a cannolo, surrounded by colorful candied garden vegetables.

Ristorante La Caravella

la caravella

Once a magnet for intellectuals like Sartre and de Beauvoir, La Caravella is still in the hands of the fourth generation of the congenial Serandrei family. The cosy, wooden interior is modelled after an ancient ship; the bread homemade, the wine list extensive and the service attentive. The classic Venetian menu is innovative, fresh and beautiful; the ravioli stuffed with scampi is divine.

Four Seasons Hotel Megève launches Helicopter Ski Safaris to give guests the ultimate luxury skiing experience

Have you ever visited a ski resort and wished you could see some of the other nearby slopes while you’re there? After all, if you go to the trouble of packing your attire and assembling your gear, it only makes sense that you make the most of your mountaintop experience.

Until recently, this idealistic concept was simply a pipe dream. Now, France’s Four Seasons Hotel Megève is changing the game.

Starting December 15, 2018, guests can take part in luxurious Helicopter Ski Safaris that allow them access not only to the gorgeous slopes that frame the new resort, but also to nearby ones at the Chamonix, Courchevel and Val d’Isère resorts among others.

The result? An all-inclusive tour of the Alps from the vantage point of a soaring eagle high above the summits.

While this is an incredible package deal, it’s far from standardized. Rather, staff at the Megève’s Ski Concierge will tailor the trip every day according to the weather and snow conditions, so guests are always guaranteed a safe, exciting and rewarding skiing experience.

As you glide above Mont Blanc and its neighboring pikes, be sure to bring your camera along. The views are nothing short of breathtaking, even if you’re more comfortable on the bunny slope than a black diamond.

Rates for the Ski Safari begin at EUR 1,310 per night, which equates to around $1,500 USD, for two guests staying in a Megève Deluxe Room. If you book a weeklong trip, you’ll get the privilege of going on three helicopter excursions. Five nights gets you two trips, and three-night visitors are treated to one.

Flying not your thing? No problem.

You can convert the value of the helicopter journey into an equally invigorating adventure on the ground. From dog-sled rides to snowshoeing, you’ll have your pick from multiple exhilarating treks, all of which allow you to see the same terrain as your thrill-seeking buddies high above you. As a sweet trade-off, you’ll even get to enjoy a picnic lunch in a top-scale mountain refuge to refuel before you hit the slopes.

So what are you waiting for? Book your package today and set forth on one of the most luxurious skiing adventures in the world.

You can choose from the Mont Blanc Ski Safari, which centers on 15-minute rides to Chamonix, Flaine or Courmayeur resorts; or the slightly longer Alpine Ski Safari flight, which takes visitors on a 30-minute trip to Val d’Isère, Courchevel, Méribel or Val Thorens.

Available until April 15, 2019, there’s not much time left to pack in this trip of a lifetime. Make your reservation today and take your love of skiing to new heights!

Montblanc introduces three new watches in the Heritage Chronométrie Collection

Montblanc has added three new watches to the Heritage Chronométrie collection that introduces a fresher, more contemporary design code. The “Chronométrie” in the name of the collection is derived from the French word for “precision,” thus the new watches include solid horological credentials despite their affordable price tags. The latest additions to the collection includes two new interpretations of the patented ExoTourbillon Slim which was launched back in 2016. The first watch in this new collection is the Montblanc Heritage Chronométrie Perpetual Calendar Sapphire (ref. 118513), which features the same movement as the 2014 perpetual calendar. The 2018 edition comes with a new 40mm stainless steel case with slimmer lugs, a fully polished finishing and new dial design. The perpetual calendar indications are featured on transparent counters that are in a shade of dark-blue color. The watch is priced at EUR 12,700 (roughly $15,000).

Anantara Veli Maldives Resort – An Overwater Sanctuary brimming with Unparalelled Hospitality

As I gazed out the plane window, it took only but a moment to fathom we were in Maldivian airspace. Scattered like jade-green jewels across the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, were the bountiful atolls of the Maldives.

A smiling face welcomed us upon arrival and promptly guided us to Anantara’s private lounge; a swanky airconditioned space stocked with Nespresso machines and canned juices. After a quick check-in at the airport lounge itself, we departed for our weekend getaway on Anantara’s private speedboat. As we sped through the cyan waters Ihad to pinch myself to be convinced it was real.

Our lavish abode for the weekend – the deluxe overwater pool villa
The resort lends a set of snorkeling gear to all hotel guests on a complimentary basis

Ibrahim, our villa host, escorted us to our villa: Anantara Veli’s Deluxe Overwater Pool Villa. Be prepared to walk a fair bit, but if you revel in luxury, look no further. A luxuriously-dressed king-sized bed dominated the centre of the villa, subtly dictating the mood for the weekend. A tasteful study paired with delicately-carved wooden wardrobes formed a part of the background, while earthy and amber tones complemented the aesthetic surroundings. A selection of lavish resort-gear were tucked inside the cupboard; an Olympus camera (wow!), yoga mats and a fitness kit; while a large TV and an iPod docking station festooned the colossal wooden console in the room.

The perfect room view
When champagne and private-infinity pools become holiday essentials

I walked out to our private terrace with all the pool-villa dreams I could muster and I was certainly not disappointed. I looked around in absolute awe as our private, infinity plunge pool lazily gazed out into the immensity of the turquoise waters. The split-level deck was adorned with loungers, a charming table with chairs and most importantly, a ladder that led my eye to the heavenly waters underneath.

A free-standing bathtub standing against the immensity of the ocean beyond
What Anantara’s useful bathroom kit comprised of

My exploration yet incomplete, I walked into the bathroom and there, standing in elegance, was the bathtub against the azure waters of the Indian ocean. I firmly believe that the bathtub itself was enough to plan another trip to Anantara Veli. A set of dual basins atop the marble console completed the beautifully designed space.

Our possible agenda for the weekend

The pantry was another impressive element. In addition to a wine cellar loaded with high quality wines, it also contained a Nespresso machine, a fine box of Dilmah tea, an assortment of dry refreshments and a fully-stocked mini bar. It was indubitably one of the better pantries I had experienced in a hotel.

The room exploration was indeed tiresome which led me to spend the afternoon indoors. The inviting bed provoked my laziness, but thankfully, the routine here seemed pretty apparent- Eat, sleep, swim and repeat!
When evening strolls entailed swaying palm trees and sandy paths
One of the most Instagrammable spots on the island

Thankfully, the island offered a chilled-out take on tropicalisland luxury. A myriad of sandy roads and canopied palm trees dotted the lush-green island; while wooden planks over the mineral blue waters lead the way to the 62 over water villas.

The staff at the resort were the benchmark for hospitality. I was invariably greeted at each corner with a “good morning”, while all meals would begin with small talk with a staff member or a weather update from Imtiaz, the resort manager.

One of the better breakfasts we’ve experienced

Breakfast at 73 Degrees was a constellation of open kitchens – crepes, pancakes, omelettes, hot continental delicacies, fresh fruit, and cheeses – bordered with a wide selection of baked goods brimming with an assortment of fresh juices and honey.

Teppanyaki stations and colourful tones graced Origami, the resort’s Japanese diner

Meals were consistently inspiring with the plethora of multi-cuisine dining options between Veli and Dhigu. While we mainly restricted ourselves to Anantara Veli – an adult only resort – Dhigu had its share of Italian restaurants which easily catered to our Vegetarian preferences. Being a Thai-food enthusiast, the authentic Thai delicacies and over-water ambience at Veli’s signature Thai restaurant Baan Huraa made for a lovely first-day dinner. Although vegetarian options at the pool-side Dhoni Bar and Japanese diner Origami were limited; the chefs were eager to curate a dish off-the-menu – a gesture much appreciated.

A glimpse of Anantara’s award-winning spa
When nights are spent watching movies under the stars

Honestly, there’s never a dull moment in and around the island with snorkelling, tennis lessons, Spice Spoons cooking classes, an under-the-stars theatre and indulgent treatments from scrubs to Ayurvedic massages at the Balance Wellness by Anantara.

Of all the luxurious hideaways in the turquoise-fringed, white sanded islands of the Maldives, I believe Anantara Veli is value for money. The palatial facilities, heavenly food and awe-inspiring natural beauty fulfilled every criteria we were seeking for our weekend gateway. The island’s gracious hosts and outstanding hospitality are reasons enough to visit Anantara Veli yet again.

Where: Anantara Veli Maldives Resort
Veligandu, South Male Atoll 20109, Maldives
Phone: +960 664-4100

Review: Diana Herrick

Adidas has created an exclusive velvet football worth $15,600 for the world cup

Fifa World Cup mania is here and Adidas is celebrating with the launch of a commemorative ball that’s covered with stunning Swarovski crystals. This ball is definitely not meant to be tossed about on a muddy field, instead it incorporates traditional Russian embroidery in a creative new way that begs to be displayed.

Made from black velvet, this piece of merchandise is pretty different to the footballs you’re used to seeing. It’s gets an extra dose of opulence from the gold Russian embroidery that pays tribute to the host nation. The embroidery also incorporates sparking Swarovski crystals, just in case you didn’t think this football was lavish enough before.

Even though Adidas items are popular all over the globe, this ball is only available in Moscow, so determined collectors will have to make a trip to get their hands on it. That’s if the 99,000 ruble ($15,600) price hasn’t scared them off already!