Check out this pair of sneakers that is made from recycled chewing gum

We’ve all had gum stuck to our shoe soles at some point in life but having a shoe sole made out of gum itself? Now, that’s new and unheard of! Here to woe us with this unique concept is a company called Explicit wear that has recently tied up with city marketing organization Iamsterdam and sustainability company Gumdrop to create a sneaker out of recycled gum!

Christened as Gumshoe, the sole of this unique shoe is made from recyclable compounds or Gum-Tec’s as they are called. As described by Anna Bullus, managing director and designer at Gumdrop., “We discovered gum is made from a synthetic rubber. And by breaking down these properties, we were able to create a new type of rubber.” It is this very invention that helped the brands build an impressive shoe, which by composition would consist of 20% recycled chewing gum. The raw material for building the Gum Tec is sourced from the streets of Amsterdam that disposes close to 3.3 million pounds of gum on its sidewalks each year.

Available in color options of red and pink, these shoes are just what you need to become an eco-friendly athlete in the making! In addition to their exclusive soles, the sneakers also boast of a stylish leather body, for the perfect look. The Gumshoe will be up for sale onward June 2018 for a surprisingly affordable price of $232 USD.

Review: Diana Herrick

AIGNER Announces its First Regional Collaboration with Ascia Al Faraj

AIGNER is pleased to announce its first collaboration in the Middle East with the famous American-Kuwaiti influencer, Ascia Al Faraj who is designing a Limited Edition AIGNER bag together with Creative Director Christian Alexander Beck aptly titled, the Ascia Bag.

The international blogger has brought her own personal style to the collection – choosing the colour, style and pattern. The new bag will be based on the classic Genoveva design from AIGNER’s main collection, which has proven to be a very successful design in the region. A vintage clip lock-shaped bag, which represents the AIGNER logo, the Genoveva is synonymous with the brand and its craftsmanship.

The eye-catching #Asciabag truly represents Ascia’s unique character, which is both chic and statement-making, the #Asciabag will feature a marble print effect on smooth grain leather. Gracing a metal handle with AIGNER statement bolts, this versatile bag will come with an extra pendant with bolts and cabochons. The rear side of the pendant and inside of the bag will be embossed with “Ascia exclusively for AIGNER” inscribed in rosé-gold.

One of the region’s most popular fashion bloggers, with over 2 million followers on Instagram, the turban wearing style icon pioneered the personal style blog wave in the region and has since garnered a reputation for being one of the most influential fashion voices in the region. With a candid style that resonates with AIGNER & Christian Beck’s creative spirit, Ascia is the perfect fit for this collaboration.

For almost 50 years, the luxury brand has been focussing on handmade craftsmanship, attention to detail and sophisticated design. AIGNER workmanship is a statement of classic artistry, which also proves that change and tradition are not mutually exclusive. Each bag creation tells the story of its origin and unifies contrasts into one cohesive design: modern technology and styles are combined with tried and tested expertise.

The Limited Edition #Asciabag will be available from mid-January 2018 across all AIGNER Shops in UAE for AED 3425.

Tyler, The Creator’s New Converse Drop Should Be On Your Chunky Sneaker Roster

Pink diamonds to become rarer, with Argyle mine to close in 2020

In the world of coloured gemstones, pink diamonds are particularly rare. For that, investors have never hesitated to pay a king’s ransom to own one – notably the huge 59.6 carat Pink Star (re-named the CTF Pink Star), which set the world auction record for any jewel when Hong Kong jeweller Chow Tai Fook bought it at US$71.2 million (S$96.9 million) in April 20­­17. Now that the only mine responsible for 90 per cent of the pink rocks worldwide is closing next year, prices will only skyrocket.

2019 Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink internally flawless diamond ring, Sotheby's Hong Kong

This exquisite 10.64 carat fancy vivid purplish pink diamond was sold for US$19.9 million (S$27 million) on Oct 7, 2019 by Sotheby’s Hong Kong, compared to an 88.22 carat flawless D-colour diamond that went for just US$13.8 million in April.

The Pink Star worn on hand

The 59.6 carat CTF Pink Star was bought by Hong Kong jeweller Chow Tai Fook for US$71.2 million. Mined by De Beers in Africa in 1999, the rough diamond was originally 132.5 carats, and was cut and polished over two years to become the stunner it is today.

CTF Pink Star

The 59.6 carat CTF Pink Star was sold for US$71.2 million (S$96.9 million), which set the world auction record for jewels. It is a Type IIa diamond, and graded as a fancy vivid pink, with internal flawless clarity.

Paige Parker's pink diamond ring designs

Gemologist Paige Parker worked with Argyle pink diamonds to create this ring and ring jacket. It will be part of Phillips Hong Kong’ Nov 25 jewellery auction sale.

Paige Parker's pink diamond ring designs

Gemologist Paige Parker’s creation features a fancy intense pink and yellow diamonds, with its estimate value between HK$260,000 (S$45,000) and HK$320,000 (S$55,600).

While pink diamonds have occasionally been mined at South Africa and Russia, the Argyle mine – located in a remote region in Western Australia – is the only known reliable producer. Yet, of its entire output of 800 million carats of diamonds over 36 years, only a meager 0.01 per cent has been fancy pinks, fancy vivid being the priciest grade. Today, it’s nearly exhausted the pinks it has yielded since 1983.

When the fabled Argyle door finally closes, the supply of pinks is likely to dry up, although this has its upside. Says Singapore-based Simone Ng of Simone Jewels: “Our brand invested in a small lot of pink Argyle diamonds more than five years ago. Most have been sold and this is the moment our customers have been waiting for.”

Even those that weigh less than the CTF Pink Star command astounding prices. On Oct 7, Sotheby’s Hong Kong sold a 10.64 carat fancy vivid purplish pink diamond for US$19.9 million. In comparison, an 88.22 carat flawless D-colour diamond was sold by Sotheby’s Asia in April for just US$13.8 million.

Gemologist Paige Parker, who recently designed an Argyle-pink ring for Phillips’ Hong Kong jewellery sale set for Nov 25, says: “Argyle pinks will become major collectibles, like Golconda colourless diamonds.” One of those storied rocks was the famous Hope Diamond, from a 16th-century India mine that has since closed. Only time will tell, but she probably isn’t too far off the mark.

How to Conquer Milan Fashion Week

Fashion Week has arrived in Milan and the entire city is abuzz. With so much going on, it is important to know where to go and what to do. Martina Colombari, former Miss Italia, turned model, turned humanitarian, is a modern woman who has found her home amongst the busy Milanese.

“My favourite district in Milan is Porta Nuova, which is near where I live, and Isola with its mix of local businesses of stores and restaurants. It’s a graceful neighbourhood that has maintained its community feel,” she says.

Colombari has thrived in her role as a pillar of the Milanese community, and in doing so has come to know the city in a unique capacity. She has even become an international philanthropist through her charity work; for more details on her philanthropic efforts, see Miss Italia turns Humanitarian on

luxos milan park

Take this year’s Fashion Week as an opportunity to follow in her footsteps.

Dip and duck between models and influencers into the best fashion shows but also between locals into Milan. Start off with a morning ritual that usually only the Milanese get to experience: a morning workout starting in Parco Sempione. Jog, run, or walk your way from Castello Sforzesco to Arco della Pace, and then take the metro just a few minutes to Pasticceria San Gregorio. This Porta Venezia pastry shop has even croissant and coffee drink to reward your athletic pursuits and sustain the rest of your morning in a true Italian manner.

From there, you can head back towards Cadorna for some shopping. Backtracking may seem odd, but it will actually give you a chance to stop in at any shops or attractions you saw on your walk/jog/run. Milaura offers classic but cool fashion for women while Mercato San Marco more local goods. The market is open only between 7:30am and 2:00pm on Thursdays but offers fresh produce and meats and handmade clothes and shoes. That is Milan for you: high fashion and artisanship all rolled into one.

luxos milan sites

In the midst of all of this there will be lunch.There is Dry, a classic Italian pizzeria with a pleasing selection of cocktails, or Soulgreen, a health focused but still with an intriguing menu. Both are located in Porta Nuova, so it is really up to you which to choose. After refueling, continue on to find the wonder that only Milan can offer.

A day spent seeking and seeing in Milan calls for a dinner that is nothing short of indulgent. Adventure to either North or South to Fingers Garden or Osteria il Giardinetto respectively. The first of these features Japanese-Brazilian cuisine with the occasional hint of Italian flare. This will satisfy the culinary explorer in you. The latter is classic Italian. With handmade ravioli, fine wine, and luscious desserts, it is idyllic Italian.

Colombari knows Milan like the back of her hand, and of all it has to offer these are what she deems the most worthy for your visit.