Hans Beletz was born in Graz in 1954 and at the tender age of ten painted his first commissioned work for an entrepreneur living in Graz. When he was just 15 years old he entered the retail trade with an apprenticeship while at the same time sending his first paintings to an art college. His father, quite rightly, wanted him to finish his apprenticeship instead of attending an art school and so by the time he was 18, Hans Beletz  became an independent commercial traveler for women’s clothing.  But his passion for painting never died.

Hans Beletz in action

Beletz trained as a landscape painter at the Claus Pack in 1983 and opened his first exhibition in the Galerie Schillerhof with gallery director Bernhard Eisendle in the same year. This followed numerous exhibitions in Austria, Germany, Italy and the USA. As part of his vernissage “Menschenbilder” – 60 years of Hans Beletz in Steiermarkhof on March 6, 2014, the artist was awarded the Silver Medal of Honor of the City of Graz as a token of great appreciation for not only his work but also for him as a person.  His fine artworks have been bought and appreciated by international banks, insurance companies and private collectors from all over the world.

Venice, Ink-Watercolor, 40x30cm

“A visit to my studio in Graz means to dive into a sea, into a sea of watercolor and acrylic paintings. With a fine brushstroke and tremendous lightness, I form meaningful images of people and landscapes. Since 2005 I have also shown acrylic paintings. The figures are derived from my coffeehouse pictures. All images reflect the positive energy that is deep within me. I am an observer and let all my inner feelings flow into my works. I paint for joy and want to spread this joy of life through my paintings.”

Family, Acryl, 140x100cm

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Photo credit: Andreas L. Strohmaier